Teen weeks

Campfire, hiking, water polo, football, air hockey table, living strategy game, disco pool party and much more for the kids who are too big for the swing, but too young for Chersonissos.

Since a few years we have been organising special weeks for families with teenagers at ‘I Muri’ and it turns out to be a real succes. Families whose kids are too big for small-scale accommodations with little offer for the youth, but where the parents are not ready for a mega-campsite with a lot of entertainment. We offer a wonderful combination. Under the guidance of "older" youth, the kids go out on their own, get involved in different game forms and are not staring blankly at their screen all day.

Sounds good?

In 2020 we offer 2 teen weeks in the weeks of 18-25 July and 25 July - 1 August. Availability is scarse so do not hesitate to make enquiries.

Please note ... for families with kids from the age of 10.